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How to Looking beyond shampoo for THIN HAIR:#Styling (THIN HAIR CARE)....

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Looking beyond shampoo for THIN HAIR: Is it Possible to Make Thin hair thicker?

Is your hair getting thinner and thinner? The reason does not necessarily have to be genetic; too much styling can also make your hair thinner, for example. We get to the bottom of why your hair is looking thinner and tell you how you can get your mane back to its voluminous self in no time.

Has your hair become thinner and thinner over the past weeks and months – and are you wondering if this is normal? Hair loss is normal in itself; we lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair per day on average. If you have to remove whole tufts of hair after brushing, however, you should find out why.

Sometimes an illness can be the reason, but often it is worth taking a closer look at your personal styling and grooming routine. Find out which habits can promote hair loss and how you can make your thin hair appear thicker again.

Here are some of the main reasons for hair loss-

  • Using too high a temperature to style hair

  • Tying ponytails too tightly

  • Using too many styling products

  • Using deep cleansing products too often

These reasons are explained in more detail in our article about the causes of hair loss.

Tips for THIN HAIR (more voluminous locks)

If you have hair loss, you should use special products that stimulate your scalp and encourage hair growth. Scalp massages also help to bring life back to tired roots. What else can you do to make your thin hair look thicker and more voluminous? Here are some examples:

  • Rinse hair with cold water- After you’ve finished shampooing. This ensures that all the suds are completely removed and that your hair is not unnecessarily weighed down. In addition, the cold water stimulates blood circulation in your scalp, which in turn promotes healthy hair growth.

  • Use dry shampoo- Dry shampoo is a lifesaver when your hair isn’t looking so fresh, but you don’t have time to wash it. It also helps to create more volume. Spray the dry shampoo directly onto your roots and massage into your hair. Brush out the residue if need be.

  • Blow-dry your hair over a round brush-This volume-creating tip is familiar to every hairdresser. But with a little practice, you’ll soon be able to dry your hair relatively easily yourself with a round brush after you’ve washed it. Tip: It’s even easier with a rotating round brush.

  • Use a volumizing mousse- Styling products that create more body – such as a volumizing mousse – are great for making thin hair thicker. After washing your hair, massage in a portion of mousse the size of a hazelnut. Then blow-dry your locks with a round brush or over a diffuser attachment.

  • Dye your hair- Dyeing your hair can make weak hair look stronger and fuller. In case of acute hair loss, discuss in advance with a hairdresser whether dyeing your hair is the right decision.

If you want to dye your own hair at home, do not wash it immediately before the color treatment. This is healthier for your scalp since it’s better protected and means it will be less stressed by the dye. Tip: Use care products for color-treated hair afterwards.

Care Tips & Shampoo for THIN HAIR

All too often we see images of men and women with gorgeous full heads of tumbling shiny locks. This, however, is a beauty standard that simply isn’t attainable for everyone. The thickness or thinness of our hair is determined at birth and there is very little we can do to change it. There are a few ways we can shower our hair with love and help it to look fuller using styling techniques and certain products for thinning hair.

Here we will take a look at some of the top tips and tricks to help with cutting, styling and caring for thinning hair.

Thin hair! No problem

Thin hair can be easily treated. Although you might think that people with naturally thick hair have won the genetic lottery, that simply isn’t the case. There are so many amazing attributes that come with thin and thinning hair that it’s important to not lose sight of them. To name just a few, thin hair:-

  • dries faster

  • is naturally more supple

  • is easier to care for

  • is light and more comfortable to wear

  • is ideal for short haircuts

  • does not require extra prep before styling (for instance with braids)

Doesn’t sound so bad, right? What’s more, with the right shampoo for thinning hair and a few easy styling tricks, you can plump up the look for something that is still able to scream volume.

  • Picking the right cut for thin hair :- Before turning your attention and investing money in all the right care products and shampoo for thinning hair, you may want to start with a trip to the hair salon. Currently a leading hairstyle trend, a blunt bob is perfect for delicate hair textures. To achieve this style, the hair is cut straight across and bluntly to one length.

  • This makes the finely tapering ends appear thicker and the hair looks fuller overall. When it comes to length, try to opt for somewhere around shoulder length. Medium length hairstyles are not only super hip but also add extra buoyancy to your hair; the added weight of longer hair can cause it to fall down heavily and look flat. Combined with a thickening shampoo, the right length of hair and some artfully cut-in supportive layers will have your locks looking fresher and fuller in no time.

  • Stand out color :- Certain coloring techniques can also be used on thin hair to help create a sense of added fullness. With blonde balayage, for instance, light and dark color accents are brushed freehand onto the hair, with the contrasts simulating added depth and making the hair appear thicker. Be aware that if you do opt for a color treatment, you will not only want to then use a hair thickening shampoo but also a restorative conditioning treatment after to help lock in moisture and protect the hair color and strand strength.

The different products for thinning hair

Contrary to popular belief, thin and thinning hair doesn’t require extra care, it simply needs the right care. Sensitivity is the name of the game: when it comes to picking a shampoo for thinning hair, opt for products that dissolve readily in water and are therefore easy to wash out.

Although it may seem like a thicker product will have a thickening effect, this is not the case. Heavy solutions will ultimately weigh down fine hair and make it look dull and lackluster. Any good shampoo for fine hair should cleanse gently while helping to stimulate hair growth.

Hair thickening shampoo can boost your look.

A dedicated volumizing shampoo is somewhat different. The polymers this contains surround each individual hair and cling to it, which has the effect of artificially thickening it. Additionally, some of the best volume shampoos contain collagen complexes. These are a good choice as they boost your hair right at the hairline for added fullness.

Looking beyond shampoo for fine hair: Styling

Volume shampoo is not your only conten when it comes to boosting fine hair. Coupled with some expert styling tricks you will be able to add extra height and bounce into your hair in no time.

Make a texturizing mousse like göt2b’s Volumaniac bodifying mousse your best styling friend. This soft hair styling helper achieves outstanding results without weighing you down. It makes the hair fuller with added grip and more volume. The styling lasts longer as well.

Here’s how to use it to best effect:

  • After cleansing with hair thickening shampoo, knead some mousse into towel-dried hair

  • Blow dry hair on low heat with a round brush

  • Tease the hair gently at the crown (combing against the direction of growth) for added volume – this offers excellent support for updos and ponytails

Alternatively, if you are in a rush then skip the thickening shampoo and instead simply apply volumizing powder at the hairline to see the push-up effect right away! göt2b Powder’ful works just like a dry shampoo while delivering incredible lift right from the roots!

Blowout hair after volume shampoo

Use a blow dryer to boost volume.

If you want to ensure you have the biggest and best in volume even after washing with a shampoo for thinning hair, make sure to use this blow drying technique.

  • Instead of blow drying upside down, tilt your head to the side and blow warm air towards the hairline. This adds fullness which also lasts longer.

  • Vary the parting position every now and then to give your hair some variety. This straightens up the hair roots, which tend to lie flat after some time, so nothing stands in the way of a strong appearance!

  • Don’t use your blow dryer on full heat as this will burn and weaken thin hair; use a cool setting and don’t hold the head too close to your roots.

Simple Methods For Thin Hair Strengthening

Everybody wants shiny, strong and healthy hair. But whats the best way to achieve this? THIN Hair will gain stregnth if you adapt your hair care and use gentle styling methods. In time, as your hair structure improves your hair will become more resilient and look fuller.

Below, you'll find our best care and styling tricks for having thin hair that feels and looks better and stronger than ever.

  • Tip 1: The Beauty Diet Plan :- A healthy diet is the basis for healthy hair. Protein and vitamin B5 are tremendously important for a healthy scalp and healthy hair. You find ample amounts of the needed proteins in eggs, nuts and cheese. Vitamin B5 is for example present in unprocessed natural rice, beans and whole grains.

  • Vitamins and minerals strengthen the hair roots. Please note: Coffee stimulates the sebum production at the hair roots, which unfortunately also leads to the increased shedding of dandruff. Nicotine and alcohol are also absent from our balanced beauty diet plan. Instead, the plan contains fruit, fish, poultry, green leafy vegetables as well as milk, soy and whole grain products. Our healthy hair diet contains ample biotin, zinc, iron and folic acid.

  • Tip 2: Use a heat guard on your hair :- Avoid heat-damaging your hair. You should therefore keep your hair dryer in constant motion while blow-drying your hair and stay away from using attachments, which narrow the stream of heated air. Setting your blow-dryer to lower temperatures definitely reduces the risk of damaging your hair structure. Hair dryers or styling tools like flat or curling irons often reach a temperature up to 390 °F.

  • In damaged hair, proteins start being degraded around 284 °F. You should therefore remember to always use a protective spray before applying such styling devices. This regenerates the hair’s protein structure, repairs the hair surfaces, and shields the hair against damage.

  • Tip 3: A proper haircut works wonders :- Does your fine limp hair create a sad frame for your face? Usually, the wrong haircut is responsible for the trouble. An appointment with a skillful and experienced hair stylist is therefore a great idea. The hair stylist will analyze the structure of your hair and knows what will work for you. This way you will get the right haircut, not just a fashionable one.

  • With this accomplished, your new hair style needs a trimming every six weeks. However, do not permit anyone to trim your hair with a razor blade or to roughly take scissors to the ends. Split ends and damage to the scalp are often the result of such techniques. At the end of such treatment are often difficulties creating a full bouncy head of hair.

  • Tip 4: A good brush is essential :- The best brushes have natural (boar) or mixed bristles. Such brushes glide through hair with ease. Of course, the smooth gliding only works when the hair is no more than damp and no longer as sensitive as wet hair. A well designed brush also removes dirt particles and residual styling products

  • Tip 5: Box of magic tricks :- Your hair will look thicker when you color it a shade darker. Slightly frosting your hair also works because the process will bring some slight roughness to your hair and make it easier to handle. We have a secret tip for thin hair: Use volume shampoos, which replenish the hair structure. In case your hair tends to be oily, use only mild baby shampoos.

Hairstyles for Thin Hair: Styling Tips

Whether your hair is naturally thin or you have started to experience some hair loss, there are plenty of flattering hairstyles for thin hair that will help you to feel happy and confident with your look. What’s more, there are a number of different care tips you can follow that will help make your hair appear fuller and healthier from day-to-day.

Here we take a glance at the best styling and care tricks to help you find the best style for you.

Thin hairstyles that suit everyone...
  • Turn thin hair into a great haircut Straight cut bobs with a quiff or long slanted bangs can be the ideal solution for thin hair, adding body to an otherwise flat look. Finding the right hairstyle for your fine or thin hair is all about embracing your hair type and highlighting its strengths. Short haircuts for thin hair won’t weigh down your look and will keep thin hair looking bouncy and full. For instance, a bob can add amazing volume to even very thin hair.

  • The best hairstyles for thin hair will add body and will lift your hair away from your scalp, creating more volume and a fuller look. Tweaking some classic hairstyles to match your hair type can help you find the best thin hairstyle. By braiding your hair loosely, your hair will appear thicker than it would in a tight braid, while long side-swept bangs are a chic way to cover a receding hairline. To achieve this, try gathering your hair into a low ponytail or chignon.

Chignons are among the most popular styling options for thin hair

  • Experimenting with thin hairstyles Some of the best hairstyles for thin hair are the ones that you discover yourself through trial and error. By experimenting and taking a few risks, you will eventually find the thin hairstyles that suit you best. The effect of a flattering thin haircut can be magnified and enhanced by using the right products. Achieving extra body and hold is easy with a good Volumaniac hairspray and can transform thin hair into a luscious, smooth and shimmering mane.

Applying a styling powder directly to the hair roots helps to create more bounce and lift, although you want to be sure not to apply it so heavily as to be visible.

  • Using natural caffeine products can also strengthen your hair, making it less susceptible to damage or loss, and can also stimulate new hair growth. With a little experimentation, you’ll find both the best thin hairstyles and care products to achieve your perfect look.

7 Ways to Make Thin Hair Appear Fuller

  • Part your hair on the opposite side. If you normally part your hair on the left, blow dry it as usual, but part it on the right to add extra volume at the roots. For an exaggerated effect, also use a root lifting spray.

  • Backcomb your hair. Gently tease your roots using a comb, and use a high hold spray to keep the pumped-up look in place.

  • Get short layers. A blunt cut can weigh your hair down. Adding light layers to any haircut for thin hair will give you greater shape and movement.

  • Blow-dry your hair upside down. Flip your head upside down when it's still wet and blow dry. When you get to your roots, use your fingers to softly lift and tousle the hairs.

  • Skip the serum. Serum makes your hair sleek and frizz-free, but it also makes it lay flat. Instead, sprinkle your roots with Schwarzkopf göt2b Powder’ful volumizing styling powder. This is a great texturizer, adding grip and tons of volume to your hair.

  • Get highlights and lowlights. When your hair is all the same color, it can appear thinner. Adding multiple hues to your hair creates the appearance of depth and can make limp locks appear fuller.

  • Use the right shampoo. A hair thickening shampoo can give your locks an added boost. Follow by blow-drying with a round brush for even more lift.