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Cadbury:- The face of choclates...


Cadbury Dairy Milk is one of the world’s biggest confectionery company holds number one or two positions in the 50 largest global confectionery markets. They create chocolate, gum and candy brands. There are nearly 50,000 employees in over 60 countries and sell their products in markets everywhere around the world.

Wherever the customers buy a bar of Cadbury Diet the pack design will be exactly the same and the Slogan will change as “Glass of Milk with sweet less cream”.

Cadbury Diet innovation remains one of the key elements to the company’s success with new brands. Keep changing the catering tastes and lifestyles with quality products and the strong brand values force customer to buy. All business strategy and quality is the secrate of it's success.

History:- Entry in the World

Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate was first introduced in 1831. It became the market leader when it launched and started to sell chocolates. It is still the top selling chocolate brand in the country. Cadbury Mega Brand’s family product today has an international retail value approaching US $1billion. It is an international brand. Cadbury Dairy Milk carries the same distinctive image all over the world nearly 175 years. Wherever we buy a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk the pack design will be exactly the same, only the language will be different. The famous slogan “glass and a half of full cream milk in every half pound” with the picture of milk pouring into the chocolate bar, is one of the all-time greats of British advertising.

Why it is so ‘’Yummy’’?

Cadbury Diet innovation remains one of the key elements to the company’s success with new brands. All points are as follows:-

1.Product Research

Innovation remains one of the key elements to the company’s success with new brands. Keep changing the catering tastes and lifestyles with quality products and the strong brand values force customer to buy. It will help us to new product development for the business strategy. The idea of introducing ‘Cadbury Diet’ helps the diabetic patient from fat obesity and sugar problems. Sugar patients were engaged to buy this chocolate forever; still it won’t affect their health.Developing world-class skills, processes and way of working will motivate people and it helps to improve reward winning performance. Customers confirm by Commitments which have been carefully selected to both improve business and ensure on the wider world.

2.The Buyer Decision Process and Focus on Customers

Focus on Diabetic patients and Children. The reason for focusing for these customers is that they willing to eat chocolates.But their health condition and future of children health were controlled by the parents. If this product won’t affect their health then the parents encourage their children to buy this product. People are aware of their health problems. As this new product Cadbury Diet won’t affect their health then they were adopted to buy this product. Parents will encourage their children to buy Cadbury Diet.

3.‘SMART’ marketing strategy






Setting a competitive market, good quality objective helps to improve market. Common objectives must set to ensure the successful with the launch of new product. The main objective is to deliver superior shareowner returns. Carefully selecting ideas and markets will ensure the deliver growth and meaningful increases in margin.

With fame some Controversy of Cadbury

Cadbury facing claim that chocolate contain calories and fat. It causes people to suffer from fat and diabetic. Some of the Cadbury products are contain melamine. That chemical makes milk appear to have more protein. This chemical causes kidney diseases. In china, according to World Health Organization three babies died and 54,000 people have sought medical treatment related to melamine tainted dairy products.

The food and beverages company are the responsibilities for making the people to become fat. All the food and confectionery company’s were violating consumer fraud statues by deliberately misleading consumers into thinking their products were healthy and nutritious.

The idea of introducing ‘Cadbury Diet’ helps the diabetic patient from fat, obesity and sugar problems. Sugar patients were engaged to buy this chocolate forever, still it won’t affect their health.

More over, respondents with a diet-related problem, personally or in the family, were more likely to consume cholesterol-lowering products than those without diet-related problems.

The caselet primarily deals with the worm controversy in October 2003 when a stockist in Mumbai found worms in Cadbury's chocolates. It discusses the impact of this incident on Cadbury's reputation and ethical image. It describes the steps taken by the company to regain its lost image and briefly examines how Cadbury's competitors gained from the worm controversy. It also presents an overview of the Indian chocolate market.

Fact Check: Is Cadbury Giving Away Free Chocolate Baskets For Their 196th Anniversary?

A time like the coronavirus crisis can be very majorly misused when it comes to fake and misleading information. People use the methods of social media portals like Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram to share false information and also sponsor 'giveaways' which are just hoaxes for them to collect personal information from people. Thus, it becomes very important for people to be careful and keen to check whether any information received by them is true or not. In recent Whatsapp Forwarded messages, one of them claims that the company Cadbury is giving out free gift baskets. 

The hoax started with a Whatsapp Forward. In the message, bold letters claim that it is the 196th anniversary of Cadbury and thus they are giving out free chocolate baskets. They have 500 baskets to be given as a prize. It also has a link attached to it and one can have to go and register themselves on it to claim their free basket. Here is the Whatsapp Forward that was being shared:

The rumour further went on and started circulating on Twitter and Facebook as well. People shared how they can claim gift baskets from Cadbury.

Is Cadbury giving free chocolate basket? NO.

It is important to understand that such hoaxes and misleading information is made in order to lure people into doing unwanted things. They can also collect personal information like Name, address and phone number and it can be misused against the person. Thus, one must avoid such messages and Whatsapp Forwards.

Google Trends Analysis on it 'Cadbury anniversary free chocolate basket' message

The Google Trends analysis of 'Cadbury anniversary free chocolate basket' message shows an interesting graph. One can see how people have searched a lot about it, trying to claim their free chocolate baskets. The trend saw its peak on May 9, 2020, 3.30 PM as a surge of searches related to this topic were seen on Google. 


There are many contradictive conclusions in studies considering what kind of foods consumers are willing to buy. This is further an indication that consumers might not be aware of their opinion in this topic, or maybe they do say one thing and than acts differently. Many studies show that people are interested in their health and as a part of that, they want to eat healthy. This has encouraged producers to invest in brands that are supposed to communicate health, but the functional food revolution is still absent which might suggest that consumers are not interested in such food. These factors were mainly a general interest in health and that they had perceived a physiological effect of the product.

Cadbury is the largest confectionery market in the world. It holds second position in the 50 largest confectionery markets. Nearly 175 years it survived in the market. But it should keep the same image in the market. It should keep researching about their SWOT analysis and market penetration to improve their market.Cadbury's could be case study of a sweet recovery from a crisis. It continues to lead the Indian chocolate market with over 70 per cent marketshare.

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